How to Recover Google Email Account Password ?

Google is the prominent IT company that provides the customer oriented internet services. This company deals in some major internet services like online advertising technologies and some other like the search service and cloud computing hardware and software service. Google is the ALPHABETs leading subsidiary which will continue to assist it in its services.


Now google provides many services and in order to handle those services all in one account, user can create a google account which is a simple process then. You just need to sign up for it. After doing so you can manage your account by login into it you can even do Google Password Recovery.


Now there comes instances when a person wants to login to his google account but he is not able to do so since he has forgotten his password so in that case you need to follow certain steps for doing Google account recovery:-


first of all you need to try to login to your google account,

then since you do not know your password you need to go for either entering your user name or password

then you need to just click on the forgot password option

there you need to enter a email address already registered with google to get the link for password change for your account

just by doing so you can change your password through login into your account.