How to change Rogers email password

Rogers is an email service powered by the world tech hulk called Yahoo. It offers high-speed internet and a wide range of online services through a partnership of Rogers Communications and Yahoo. You can sign up for free and experience a whole new arena of email services.

This article focuses on how a user can change his or her Rogers email password. To be able to change your Rogers email password follow these steps-

Fire up your device, laptop desktop etc.

Then go to Rogers email login and login using your registered email address and password associated with it.

When you have successfully logged into your account then you will have to go to the Rogers Yahoo Member Center from the home screen of your account.

When you do, there will be an option called Change My Password, click on that

Thereafter you will see certain fields enter the information that they require correctly.

First field would be to enter your current password and then click on Sign In option.

After that type in your new password in the "Choose a new password" field  and "Confirm new password" field.

Do not in any case forget to click on Save Password.

For clarification of further issues or Rogers Email Password Recovery contact the customer support team and get your issue resolved.



How to remove Google account in appropriate manner?

Some time when user do not wish to continue with Gmail account, they can simply remove the account .user should keep in mind that once the account to get deleted or removed the services linked up with may no longer be accessible either. To know the procedure for removing account, user can strictly follow the guidelines as suggested by Google Customer Service and walk on the same protocol.

First of all launch web browser

Now user is required to sign in with Google account

Now moving forward, hit click on setting option

Under account section, just hit click on Google account

Now user is required to hit click on menu option available at top right corner of screen

Hit click on remove option

This way user can simply remove Google account in systematic manner

Get in touch with technical ingenious through phone

Voice guidance is one of the best solutions to seek magnificent solution from technical professionals. User can simply place call on Google Phone Number and get splendid solution in short time frame. Just don’t hesitate about calling time, user can simply call at any point of time whether late night or early morning to get precise solution and get rid of worrisome scenario. For customer convenience, there are multiple helpline numbers to get the issue resolved immediately. Grab the opportunity to avail maximum support and assistance in limited time period.

How to update iTunes in simple way

The use of computer is getting faster day by day. With the increasing use of computer, many types of software are being released time to time. Also older software is being getting upgraded to the latest. So it is the need of time to keep the latest and updated software on your computer system. It not only increases the performance of your system but also protects your system from harmful and malicious attacks.

Keeping your iTunes updated is mandatory to prevent any risk in your system. You can perform manual update as well as automatic update. Choosing automatic update allows your computer to check for update regularly when connected with internet thus removing any manual involvement. You can get support from iTunes Customer Service in case you feel the need of tech support for updating your iTunes.

iTunes allows you to view, play and organize music and videos on your computer or Apple devices. You can also purchase various applications through your iTunes store. So keeping your iTunes updated is necessary.

Apple time to time releases new updates for its softwares to remove any bugs in its previous release. Thus you need to install the latest updates each time Apple release it.

How to update iTunes

Start iTunes and click on “Help”.

Click on “Check for updates”.

It will start looking for an available update if available. Once any update is available, it will ask you to install it.

Click on “Install” button. iTunes will start updating its software to the latest version.

iTunes Customer Support

Sometimes older versions don’t run on the older systems. So you need to update the software version to the latest one. You can call on iTunes Phone Number and get direct support on updating your iTunes application. The numbers is toll free and open round the clock throughout the year and is accessible from all over the world.

Get solutions for issues with your Hotmail account

Hotmail is a well-known name in the email industry. It is the most used emailing service all across the world. It was developed by Microsoft. The features of Hotmail have attracted many users to use it but some users face technical issues while accessing Hotmail. The situation can be handles effectively through Hotmail customer service which provides immediate help for your e-mail related problems. Whether it is a hacked Hotmail account or you have trouble in resetting your password, so the support is always available.

Issues with your Hotmail account

There are different types of problems that users may encounter while using their Hotmail account, some of them are mentioned below:

How to recover the forgotten password

Failing to send attachments

Unblock hacked account

How to recover user name and password

Problems with storage space

Issue with sent or received mail

Error message while login

Hotmail Tech Support is Just a Call Away

You may have problems with your Hotmail account. Unwanted viruses and hacking can cause problems for your Hotmail. Your account may be blocked or hacked, someone else can use your account, or you may forget your password. The support team has solution for all your problems. If Hotmail is not working on your computer then call on Hotmail Phone Number instantly to experience seamless service.

How to recover your forgot Hotmail password

You have to click on “Forgot Hotmail Password,” and choose the way to recover your password. You may enter the alternate email id or answer your selected security questions. By answering these questions correctly, you get back your account in no time. But if the problem persists then you need to talk to the customer support executives to get quick fix for the issue.

How to fix Hotmail not working

If Hotmail is not working on your computer then you need to update the web browser because it may be due to few compatibility issues with your browser. Older versions for browsers sometimes restrict working of Hotmail. So in order to access your Hotmail account flawlessly you must update your web browser. You may get in touch with tech support team for quick and satisfactory support.



Lufthansa Airlines is the largest airline in Germany along with the whole Europe. It is a wish of many travelers to fly in this amazing airline at least once in their lives. So, if you desires the same but don’t know how to book the flight tickets to fulfil your wish, then this article is specially made for you. A large number of travelers dial the Lufthansa Booking Phone Number when they need to enquire about the booking procedure but just for your convenience. So, in this article, we are presenting the step-by-step procedure for the ticket booking.

Firstly, you have to visit the HOME PAGE OF LUFTHANSA AIRLINES from your browser.

Then, you have to select your country and preferred language and then click on Continue.

Next, you have to enter the cities from and to which you are travelling, along with the number of passengers and the dates of travel.

Then, you have to click on Search Flights button.

After that, you have to select the lowest fare, scroll down and click on Continue on two consecutive pages.

Then, you just have to enter your personal details either by logging in or without logging in.

Then, select your desired payment options, enter complete details, scroll down and then, click on Yes, book and pay for ticket button.

In case, you don’t understand the above written procedure, then stop worrying and immediately dial the Lufthansa Reservation Number to get the best possible help for the booking process.

Idea regarding ticket booking with Southwest Airlines

There are most of the people who are planning to move to the favorite destinations and want to have more fun. But if having any doubt related to the booking ticket then passenger can have the best assistance to book ticket online by the help of this content. Here on describing about the Southwest Airline services which is very famous among in all over the world. 

Most of the passengers are serving by such astonishing airline services as it is known as a best cheap flight services along with the various benefits inside the flights such as: Leg house space, Baggage space, Reserve seat, Wifi and many more. 

In addition to this is very simple to get the proper advice by the help of Southwest profession who generally provides accurate suggestion on how to book ticket along with the several benefits. For all that users need to get specific help and tips users can  have the right information by making a call to its Southwest Airlines Booking Phone Number. This phone number is available round the clock and help out users in all respects.

Let`s know how to book ticket in Southwest airline online given below:

First of all passenger need to visit Southwest Airlines booking page and click on the booking option.

Go for the round trip or any other option to book ticket and then proceed.

Now a booking page will be open and then passenger need to click on the departure and arrival date and time detail.

Then after click on the passenger`s name and their contact detail as well.

Click on contact detail to get the relevant information related to the booking ticket price and document evidence.

Click to the payment detail and then select the one option to pay.

Having completed the procedure user must click on the save button at the end of the procedure.

If passenger having any other issue with ticket and benefits in the flight then passenger can have the guidance to get over the issue in a jiffy. All that users need to do is just dial Southwest Airlines Reservation Number and get all mandatory help at any time.  

How to Format Dell Laptop without CD?

Thinking of formatting your dell laptop without CD? If yes, it is time to format the hard drive. Apparently the Windows operating system is shipped with a disc for system recovery, but the disc does not always remain intact in many cases. The solution? You can format your Dell laptop even without the System Recovery disc. The only prerequisite in doing that is knowing the right commands to access the laptop’s Factory Restore feature.

To format Dell laptop without CD, follow these steps:

  1. Restart your laptop by using commands in this order: Start> Shutdown> Restart. Ensure to save any crucial data or work before shutting down the system.
  2. Press the F8 key once the laptop has restarted.
  3. Press the Down Arrow key.
  4. Scroll down to Repair Your Computer option.
  5. Press the ENTER key.
  6. Select the preferred language and provide admin rights to operate by clicking OK.
  7. Select the Dell Factory Image Restore option from the given options.
  8. Press Next.
  9. Click Yes to format the hard drive and restore the system software to factory conditions.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Click Finish once the Factory Restore has completed.

The machine will be restarted and Windows will be loaded.

For more information, call on Dell laptop phone number.