How to configure Sbcglobal email in Windows Live Mail?

Sbcglobal is one of the highly utilized email services used by the billions of users across the globe. It is best known for its highly secured mailing features that make it best platforms to send and receive emails. Users can access Sbcglobal on various kinds of devices and configure with multiple email services. If you want configure Sbcglobal email in Windows Mail, and then you can without much of stretch configure it.

Here are the steps to set up Sbcglobal email in Windows Live Mail:

  • First of all, open Windows Live Mail and then click on the Add e-mail account.
  • Click on Next.
  • Choose Manually configure server settings for this e-mail account.
  • Click on Next and then choose POP3 under the Account Type.
  • Now enter into the Incoming Mail Server box.
  • Checked the box This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
  • Now enter into the Outgoing Mail Server box.
  • After that, click on Next and then Checked the box This server requires a secure connection (SSL)
  • Click on Finish tab to complete the procedure.

If you are still facing any problem to configure your Sbcglobal email account after applying the above given steps, then contact Sbcglobal technical support and get relevant solutions from the certified professionals on account configuration. They will give better solutions to configure Sbcglobal email in Windows Live Mail. They will take only fewer seconds to resolve various configuration problems arriving in Sbcglobal email. You can get this assistance after making a phone call that is available at 24/7 hours.

How to setup wireless Acer Laptop?

Doing effort on how to setup wireless connection with Acer laptop? We have proper guidance to fix this issue in no time. Before that, let’s know about the Wireless connection that allows you ultra-mobile Acer Aspire One Netbook to connect to a network without the need for cumbersome wires.

A wireless network can be a local area network that joins numerous computers or might simply be used to access internet connection with ease. So to set up a wireless connection on your Acer laptop you have to enable the built-in wireless connection capabilities on your laptop device.

To avoid doubt you can follow the below steps as follows.

  • First of all, switch on your Acer laptop and then go to the Wireless connection from the network settings.
  • Click the network icon in your Windows 10 notification area and then click to connect button.
  • Enter the security password to the network if you are asked and then click on the connect tab.
  • Having connected the wireless network in the Acer laptop you can access internet service to use for downloading and watching videos and images.

Later on, if there is an error with the network then you can visit at Acer Customer Service organization that is available at every single of the time to get the issue fixed in no time.

Get best in class travelling experience with Vietnam airlines

Get best in class traveling experience with Vietnam airlines
Vietnam airlines traveling one of the top-notch airlines of Vietnam which covers more than 52+ destinations across the globe. Vietnam airlines proffer three types of cabin classes to the passengers like First class, Business class, and Economy class. Vietnam airlines are very well known for its low-cost traveling services.
How to book Vietnam airlines flight ticket?
Do you want to book your flight ticket in Vietnam airlines? Then you can easily do that. Vietnam airlines proffer online booking facility to the passenger. You can book your Vietnam airlines flight ticket with the help of below steps:
·       First of all, go to the official Vietnam airlines website.
·       Click on flight booking section.
·       Enter your departure city and arrival city.
·       Choose your departure date and arrival city.
·       Now click on the search flight and then choose your flight from the available flights.
·       Complete the payment process and then get your flight ticket on your registered email ID.
If you are facing any problem while booking flight ticket with the help of above steps, then dial Vietnam airlines phone number to book your flight ticket through service representatives. They will book your flight ticket within a short span of time. You can call on this number from all over the world that is accessible at 24/7 hours.

How to set up Pacbell email on outlook in swift manner?

To set up pacbell email on outlook in error free manner, user is required to walk on set of protocols that has been described in below steps:-

·         Begin with quick click on outlook software option

·         Moving ahead, user is required to hit click on file option available at top corner of screen in reliable manner

·         Moving ahead, user is required to hit click on add account option

·         Now user is required to choose manual setup option in accurate way

·         Moving ahead, user is required to enter IMAP as incoming server and enter in space provided

·         For outgoing server, user is required to enter

·         User is required to enter username and password and enable authentication in cost effective way

·         Once done, hit click on next option

·         User is required to wait for few minutes until outlook fetch all mails in appropriate way

·         Finally user can easily now exchange message by sending and receiving mails on outlook

If user encounter any technical glitch in configuration or any other issue persist, user can seek completely remarkable assistance by making brisk call on Pacbell Phone Number. Technical experts are highly qualified to render dexterous solution to troubleshoot error in nick of time. Customer has autonomy to seek splendid assistance through email, chat or remote assistance in incredible way.


How to use Gmail SMTP server for sending mail?

Gmail is one of the most widely used email service with all the latest email account features. Gmail account can be accessed anywhere through proper email syncing and server settings. SMTP server plays the most important role important role in sending of mails from the server and this article will necessary SMTP settings which are used for sending in Gmail account.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is necessary for all email clients but it is different for all email clients. Specific details to setup SMTP is given below but user should remember that other than the email server settings, user should also allow email client download mail from the Gmail account too.

Given are the details for Gmail’s default SMTP settings –

Gmail SMTP server address –

Gmail SMTP username – Gmail address

Gmail SMTP password – Gmail password

Gmail SMTP port (TLS) – 587

Gmail SMTP port (SSL) – 465 

Gmail also offers portable SMTP server to send mails to any network from any email address. Traveler using the ISP SMTP server for sending mail with the email program can get themselves into trouble if the user is on other network away from home. Here are the steps to do that –

Under ‘Outgoing Mail’ in email client software set the SMTP server as ‘’.

Now user the username for the Gmail account and check ‘Use username and password’.

Also tick ‘TLS’ under ‘Use secure connection’.

Not able to setup the SMTP server settings? Dial Google phone number for help and assistance. Remote assistance is provided over call for setting up the email client.

How to Recover Google Email Account Password ?

Google is the prominent IT company that provides the customer oriented internet services. This company deals in some major internet services like online advertising technologies and some other like the search service and cloud computing hardware and software service. Google is the ALPHABETs leading subsidiary which will continue to assist it in its services.


Now google provides many services and in order to handle those services all in one account, user can create a google account which is a simple process then. You just need to sign up for it. After doing so you can manage your account by login into it you can even do Google Password Recovery.


Now there comes instances when a person wants to login to his google account but he is not able to do so since he has forgotten his password so in that case you need to follow certain steps for doing Google account recovery:-


first of all you need to try to login to your google account,

then since you do not know your password you need to go for either entering your user name or password

then you need to just click on the forgot password option

there you need to enter a email address already registered with google to get the link for password change for your account

just by doing so you can change your password through login into your account.


Mozilla Thunderbird Password Recovery

Mozilla thunderbird is basically a client service developed by the mozilla foundation. It is an open source application, i.e it is a free of cost application for the users, which mainly provides the cross platfom for chats, emails and RSS etc. This application came in the series of the Mozilla firebox, but later on the focus of the company got shifted from thunderbird development to the development of the the “extended support releases”.

Since this is also providing the emailing service, so to access this service we need to first create an account on the thunderbird. The process for creating an account is normal, first we need to open the official page of the thunderbird, then we need to go for the sign up page and then need to fill certain required information then we are done with the account set up.This service also includes features like the Mozilla Thunderbird Password Recovery if forget.

Now when we use the thunderbird account we many times face problems like we forget our password, then we need to Mozilla Thunderbird Password Reset by following the written steps:-

STEP 1:-first of all we need to open the client email account

STEP 2:- then we need to go to the tools option and

STEP 3:- then move to the security option and then to the passwords

STEP 4:- here we can put a strong password of our choice